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Towers are symbols of greatness and of pride… The building of the Tower of Babel brings judgment. A tower may become the embodiment of pride and arrogance. And in such a case, a tower may become the focal point of judgment…”

– The Mystery of the Shemitah Jonathan Cahn, 2014

America is in spiritual crisis. Pre-judgment days demand more Jeremiahs, crying aloud for people to repent of the huge sins filling the Golden Cup of revelation… When the towers fell on 9/11, some say the face of Satan gloated in the smoke… Increasing political tyranny and church apostasy must be addressed…“We are strongly of the opinion that God gave America a reprieve from judgment with the Trump election.  Is God using Trump as a Cyrus-like figure to buttress against advancement of loss of religious freedoms and persecution coming against Christians?”


Listeners, it is very important to alert you, now that Dr. Stan is no longer with us on earth, to the news broadcast warning voices we find most incisive and important.  Some of these crucial hosts include Fox News commentators Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity (a professing born-again Christian) and Laura Ingraham:

  • Patriot, Alex Jones, cutting edge exposés, but we cannot endorse his ‘libertarian Christian’ views, gcnlive.com, daily, noon-3:00 P.M., Daytime frequency: 12.160 MHz; nighttime shortwave replay, 4.840 MHz, 10:00-1:00 EST

We do not endorse any support given by radio commentators to the doctrine of “Replacement Theology” (or “Supersessionism”). This is the claim that the church has replaced the Jewish people when it comes to God’s promises in the Old Testament. The Bible does not support this spurious claim, and contains many, many references that clearly refute it.
Leading theologians have spoken out against this doctrine.

For example:
“I think we do not attach sufficient importance to the restoration of the Jews. We do not think enough of it. But certainly, if there is anything promised in the Bible, it is this.”
– Charles H. Spurgeon

“To argue that God replaced Israel by the church is to depart from an enormous body of biblical evidence.”
– Walter C. Kaiser

“Supersessionism is the view that the New Testament Church supersedes, replaces, or fulfills the nation Israel’s place and role in the plan of god. I am convinced that supersessionism/ replacement theology is an unbiblical doctrine that violates clear statements in both the Old and New Testaments that teach and affirm a national salvation and restoration of Israel.
– Michael Vlach

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