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Nov. 12, 2014
Dear Lou,
In our church, I find almost no one who cares what is going on in the world, that “familiar smile” of “we’re goin’ home to heaven any day now” comes on their faces. Either they are a lot more Spiritual than I am – or they are profoundly ignorant as they cling to the Pre-trib lie. Preparedness is Biblical. In fact, Salvation itself is all about being prepared for ETERNITY.
From F.

Nov. 2, 2014
Dear Lou and Elizabeth,
I think America’s epitaph, if it doesn’t pull out of this “Death Spiral” of spiritual death, will be: they believed in money more than reality (life), and so they lost both. As Christ said, “Man cannot serve “both God and Mammon.”
We hear about the “cost” to “money.” Money can’t feel. It’s a dead abstraction. What about the cost to society, to living reality of believing in such a poisonous “value”? That’s the real unaffordable cost. Perhaps money actually represents the venom of the serpent who seeks to beguile us all. Truly, the “dollar” was the collar around our “fetter-alized” necks.
It galls me to hear ignorant radio blowhards carping about the “entitlement mentality.” If life isn’t “entitled,” then what is? That kind of thinking ends with telling people they aren’t “entitled” to live. It’s part of the “anti-life” movement, which I call the anti-light of consciousness, and therefore conscience, movement. Christ came so that we could have “life more abundantly” not life moribund. The oligarchs can only offer “death with dignity” because they cannot comprehend the notion of life with dignity. It’s beyond them. Take the “y” off the word misery and you get a “miser”!
A friend

Dear Lou and Elizabeth<
It was good to hear Carl’s voice again. I’m praying for him and your program as well on a regular basis. Please keep praying for national repentance. It’s never too late (Nineveh) and refer to Lam. 5:21. Keep both your hands to the plough and don’t look back. Best regards.

Dear Lou and Elizabeth,
… Reading Numbers 33: 50-56 and Isaiah 8: 11-20 makes me think of the pictures (even commercials) and things written and spoken on TVs and Internet in almost every home across America. How filthy to God that people not only allow it, but seek it in their love of pleasure in entertainment. His people better shun those screens, reading and applying Philippians 4: 5-13. Instead, it is HIS presence that is shunned.
Continue, friends, to be a voice to remind those listening to not allow their hearts to be far from Him, but love Him FIRST in all things said and done and others as we love ourselves.
Take care,

Dear Elizabeth and Lou,
… If I was not a Christian, I would be very depressed over the VOLATILE world situation. Every day that I wake up and there’s been no EMP attack or bank collapse, is a good day. I told one of my girl friends on the phone today, we’re just pilgrims here, traveling through. Our home is in heaven and while Satan can take our wealth and health, he can’t steal our salvation, praise God! And as brother “Hutch” says, God is still on the throne and prayer changes things.

The following letter is in the public domain. Its author shows his willingness to “stand in the gap.”

Dear Editor,

“The people of the South have rejected the Constitutional (14th) amendment, and therefore we will march upon them and force them to adopt it, at the point of the bayonet and establish military power over them until they do adopt it.”

Sen. Doolittle, Congressional Globe, 2nd ses., 1644 (1867)

Such were the Reconstruction Acts, laid upon the people of ten states. A Bill of Attainder, the failure of Due Process of Law, as proclaimed by Pres. Johnson, in his veto message of the Act, as the people were standing upon the law of Article V, U.S. Constitution, that granted them the power to adopt or reject a proposed amendment to the Constitution, by the U.S. Congress. Their rejection brought upon those people the tyranny of the U.S. government. A rejecting state was held under the force of Reconstruction, until it had adopted the amendment. Such was the power of the point of the bayonet, and the will of the U.S. government, to gain its desire, regardless of the will of the people.

Due to the cost to implement the Real ID system, the transition of a state’s driver’s license into a National ID card, Gov. Sanford, along with a few other states, have refused to comply with the U.S. government. The stated intent of the Real ID is that it is a factor in the war against terrorism, The stated intent of the Real ID is that it is a factor in the war against terrorism, yet our border to the south remains an open spill-way for illegal crossings and potential terrorists that the U.S. government has yet to do much concerning. In truth, the Real ID, a National ID card, is a monitoring system over the American people themselves, by their own government. As it was with a people having rejected the will of Congress in the past, there would be a price to be paid by the State and its citizens for rejecting the U.S. government’s Real ID. The people of such a rejecting State will be denied use of certain transportation systems, such as airlines, denied entry into federal buildings, the Post Office is a federal building, not allowed to open a bank account, and the list goes on. Though not the full impact of the tyranny laid upon the ten States in 1867, where life, liberty and property were lost, for the rejection of an amendment then proposed by the U.S. Congress, the implication through coercion of the Real ID by the hands of the same is much relatable to Reconstruction. Through whatever level or means, be it through force or coercion or both, tyranny remains to be tyranny. Such is that concerning the real ID. Commit or pay the price of refusal!!!

Gov. Sanford, maintain your refusal, not merely for the cost to implement the Real ID, but for the principles of America’s Founding Fathers, who had to first fight against centralized authority to gin them. Show South Carolina that their cloth is that of your own. Say No to the U.S. government’s Real ID!!!


Bill Ivy


Dear Lou and Elizabeth,

Good morning & blessings to the both of you! Another month gone by so quickly.

I have only been able to listen to your broadcast [on WWCR, 5.070 MHz, Fridays from 7:00-8:00 p.m. eastern time] the 1st & last ones. # 1 was not great in reception terms. Last week was crystal clear. At this time of the year thru summer, most shortwave frequencies can be from o.k. to poor. I don’t care as long as I can hear it!!

You both are very precious & special saints. Do not grow weary – you were born to serve the King in such a time as this…

In His love,



Dear Lou,

I heard your wonderful program on WWCR tonight. Thanks for the info./teaching on the Depression. Bless you for all you do.



Dear Lou and Elizabeth,

I know what is coming to our nation. It’s going to be a horrible period in our nation’s history. If they only knew. Our national survival and faith will be tried.

Iran is a dangerous precedent being set. Russia and China have named America and Britain as the “terrorists.” These nations have warned us not to attack Iran. Iran is to them as Saudi Arabia is to America. This is the first stage to come.

In my 33 yrs. on this planet I’ve been around a lot of people. To be truthful, I have not liked much of what I’ve seen. People are shallow, selfish, and wicked. I don’t trust anyone I don’t know. Look at this generation. You look at them and you wonder if they are worth saving. Would we be better off without them?

But then when I think of what is coming. The wars, the persecutions, starvation, the death camps. I hurt deep inside for them. My soul hurts deeply for these people, my fellow Americans. I come to tears when I think of the pain families will go through.

I don’t want to see these things come. I love my country. I want to see the best for our people. We’ve done great things for the world. It’s not all been bad like some think and say. Our Christian heritage and devotion to Christ have made us great, and it has blessed the other nations.

Christ could have looked at the world and said that it was not worth saving. I’m glad He thought we were worth it. How about you? I remind myself of this when I feel myself becoming too hard and callused. I don’t just want to survive; I also want to overcome. I want to help our people.

Our Founding Fathers gave their all for us. Why will it be different for our generation? Your friend, D.


Dear Elizabeth & Lou,

Congratulations! WWCE is the biggest shortwave Christian station in the world! I hope you’ll be able to stay on way past November!

I’m flattered that you’ve invited me to be on your program. The dates you gave me are fine… Blessings,


March 1, 2008

The Divided Kingdom
P.O. Box 8
Bethlehem, MD 21609

Dear Folks:

Received a CD copy of the broadcasts (cannot get Watchman on the Wall via radio any more) and found your interview in the package.

I would like to order two sets of Patriot’s Warning books at $22.00 a set or $44.00 total…

The United States of America is very much divided on spiritual, moral and political issues. And the silence of the shepherds is deafening. I feel that God’s hand of protection is being withdrawn from this many times blessed country.

In His Service,


Dear Friends,

This documentary [“Taxi to the Dark Side”] looks interesting. Hope it will come out on DVD. It’s interesting what is being made available to the general public. Highly recommend the book “Eight O’Clock Ferry to the Windward Side – Seeking Justice in Guantanamo Bay” by Clive Stafford Smith, lawyer for more than 50 prisoners in Guantanamo. Think I mentioned it last letter, but want to reiterate. Available thru Barnes and Noble. Also, friends sent us a DVD “Road to Guantanamo,” well worth getting if you can find it. On the cover says “A Film Every American Voter Should See” – based on a true story – winner Berlin Film Festival 2006 for best director…

One of the area newspapers polled people on whether they were spending more for groceries, cutting corners more, etc. The economy is bad – no doubt. I know I’m having to take more $ with me when I go to do shopping and errands. More than ever before, less in return. When we were first married could get the week’s groceries for around $10 – now just the two of us again- and its $30 at one store $40 at the next and so on to the next. We don’t even purchase like the typical couple, as we don’t buy meat or junk snax or pop or beer, etc., and I can or freeze from the garden. Well, God help us because it isn’t going to get better.

Sorry to hear of your friend with leukemia. It’s a suffering and sorrowful world. Yet the Great Physician is ever ready to hear, to comfort, to help.

Love and Best Wishes,
C. & L.

October 10, 2007

Please excuse this use of, once again, a “form” letter to accompany the “thank you” cards and “get well” cards that I hope to be mailing out, D.v., this early part of October 2007…

A nice lady in the “patriot movement” recently sent me a fairly lengthy document from a group called “Jew Watch”, which contained a speech by Benjamin Freedman (whom this document states is a “Jewish conspirator who revealed the secrets”). (Note: We must keep in mind that Benjamin Freedman converted from Judaism to Roman Catholicism, and whether wittingly – or unwittingly – he is merely repeating standard Roman Catholic propaganda designed to conceal the TONS of evidence showing that it was Papal Rome, and not the Zionists, who fomented both World War I and World War II. While it is true that there are some powerful and wealthy SECULAR Jews involved in the New World Order conspiracy – and who played role in both world wars, we must always keep in mind that though they were influential people, there were people ABOVE them, pulling their “strings” and using them. Papal Rome has had for centuries a very nasty reputation for being anti-Jewish, and for blaming HER OWN sinister and nefarious activities, such as fomenting world wars, on “the Jews”, the Zionists, etc…

Darryl Eberhart

March 7, 2008

Dear Elizabeth,

… I am enclosing a $50 check. Your info is very enlightening!

I saw 2 chemtrails above me yesterday. When I mentioned it, they didn’t know what I was talking about. Wake up, America!




Dear Elizabeth,

… I completed your first book and instead of starting your second went right to America Sold Out by Ray Hope which you included in your parcel. That book is a bit scary and like I said earlier to you when I was requesting your free newsletter offer, we aren’t sure which prophecy views are accurate but have felt for a long time the Lord was going to judge America & bring in some hard times…

… I appreciated your book & your family memories and attachments. That always strikes a deep chord in most people of the sense of childhood & “home” that we all carry with us… Sincerely,

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