Socialism’s Achilles Heel by Bill Ivy

       Across America, there is fear of the socialization of our system of government.  Yet there is a solution that exists for the responsible citizen to do greater than complain and joined by others. 

       Socialism must have a foundation to exist.  This foundation is the centralization of power under a centralized authority.  In America that centralized authority is the United States Government.  Its political units and subordinates are the States of the Union.  America has its foundation for socialism and moves ahead. 

       National government had its foundation and cornerstone established in 1868 under the 14th Amendment.  The capstone of this national system was the 17th Amendment of 1913.  This latter amendment nullified Article I, Section 3, First clause of the US constitution.  Its nullification removed from the state legislatures their direct voice from the seats held in the US Senate over to the popular vote.  No seat means no voice.  Sovereigns, as states once were, have a voice but the state legislatures had surrendered their voice with the 17th Amendment.  They became subordinates to the central power of Washington, D.C. and America’s national system, which would provide socialism its foundation, was complete.  “The just balance of power between the state and federal government is sought to be destroyed and the centralization of power to be established in the federal government through amendments to the Constitution, which, if successful, will destroy those rights reserved to the states and people (9th and 10th Amendments), and which are essential to the preservation of free government.”  (Governor Bramlette, speaking before the Kentucky Legislature in 1867) 

       America’s established system of government was not the national system that exists today.  Both the Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution were established as federal constitutions.  A federal union regards the system of government as a confederacy of sovereign (self-governed) States.  A national union regards the system of government as the consolidation of the states under a centralized authority with state sovereignties surrendered to this authority.  If you are a responsible reader, and not a mere complainer, read federalist Paper #39, eleventh paragraph, last two sentences.  Then go back to the seventh paragraph, second sentence for knowledge of this American truth of understanding and heritage.

        To prepare America for the national system that was to be established after Lincoln’s war upon the South, Webster’s Dictionary would falsify Madison’s definition of federal giving it the definition of Madison’s national in today’s Webster’s, altering the mindset of Americans to their true and established system of government.  Compare the definitions found in the Federalist Papers to your Webster’s.  for the history, visit

Also read Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxist found at

       The foundation for America’s national system of govenrment, a system rejected at the 1787 Constitutional Convention, was the 14th Amendment.  This amendment is the Achilles’ Heel for America’s de-facto national system of government and that of today’s American socialism that requires centralization of government under a national system.  The Achilles’ is to be found in the procedures of adoption of this amendment.  Its “mother” was not to be the mandates of law of the Constitution’s Article V of amending, but the bayonet points of the military under the Reconstruction Acts.  Reconstruction was punishment laid upon the Southern States for their rejection of this amendment. It was a bill of attainder, without rendering of Due Process of law, a Constitutional guarantee for all Americans.  To gain adoption for this amendment, Congress had to violate Article V and Due Process of law.  The foundation for national government and socialization rests upon the validity of ratification of the 14th Amendment.  The amendment, American brethren, is fraudulent and fraud has no statute of limitations.  Want to defeat the socialization of America and return to our true heritage?  Stop complaining and become responsible.  Build the knowledge of truths denied us all under public education and begin to stand up.  Visit the following sites and call for additional resources.  Discover socialism’s Achilles’ Heel, if you are more than a complainer.   (scroll down to 14th main menu, look for miscellaneous documents, find South Carolina Law Review)

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